Latest update: November, 2019


1. Freight cost will be added for orders below 5 000 SEK/ 4 000 NOK/ 4 000 DKK/ 500€.
2. If payment is late we charge an interest rate of 2 % per month after due date on the invoice.


1. Claims on a sold product can be made within 2 years from the date stated on the invoice to the shop, in accordance with Swedish law.
2. If the product is sold to an end consumer, we want you to ensure that they have a valid receipt.
3. If there is a defect in the product we ask you to immediately contact our customer service through phone or email to prevent the defect from worsening. We use the following actions:
• The product is repaired
• The product is replaced by the same or equivalent.
• A credit note is issued

4. The warranty covers replacement of parts found to be defective in connection with production, i.e. manufacturing defects and cannot be relied upon for damage caused by accidents and normal wear and tear. It does not entitle to damages.
6. The warranty does not cover:
• Accidents and normal wear and tear
• Exposure to extreme temperatures
• Exposure to solvents
• Damages caused by water or any liquid

7. A claim that is made due to small imperfections, will only be approved if the product is not price marked.
8. Sajaco Nordic AB reserves the right to determine what is a valid complaint.


Please contact us if you have any questions regarding claims or other matters.